3 Panel Heavy Fire Screen With Hinged Side Panels


  • 3 Panel heavy fire screen with hinged side panels Adjustable to 100cm wide
  • Center panel 65cm high x 60cm wide Side panels 60cm high x 29cm wide
  • weight 13kg

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For generations families have been gathering around fireplaces during cold weather, and while technological advances have given us many alternatives to heating our homes with an open flame, nothing quite replaces it. There’s just something about the crackling of the logs, the glow of the embers, and the ever-changing flickering of the flames that fire up imaginations, draw us in, and encourage us to dream. No matter how high-end your TV might be, the fireplace is still the focal point of the family room.

Naturally, if you have a fireplace, you should have a fireplace screen. The most important reason is safety – fireplace screens not only help keep children and pets away from the flames, they also prevent sparks and embers from getting onto your carpet or floor.

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Weight 10 kg