Single Optic Spirit Tot Measure Dispenser on Bell’s Backing-Wall Hanging


  • Single optic spirit tot measure dispenser on bell’s backing.
  • Wall hanging.
  • Bell’s backing: 64cm H x 17cm w
  • Made of compressed polystyrene

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The optic or non-drip measure is mounted beneath an inverted spirit bottle, so that a pre-defined volume of the bottle’s contents drains into the measure. Lifting a lever on the side of the measure first closes off the measure from the bottle, then dispenses the measured liquid into the glass or mixing vessel held underneath. This mechanism ensures that a correct spirit measure can be dispensed each time, as the inverted bottle allows the measure to be replenished in the optic after each shot has been dispensed. These types of measures are commonly used for highly-demanded drinks in professional bar settings, and are often incorporated into visually-appealing machines that serve both functional and marketing purposes for the liquor being poured. Bottles are available to the trade with their labels affixed upside down so that they will be the right way up when mounted on the optic.

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