Slate Board Clapper


Slate board clapper for film production.

Wood. 20 x 20cm.

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The film clapboard contains two main types of information, they are:

The Production Information

  • Prod. – This is for the name of the video/movie or production.
  • Director – The name of the directory
  • Camera – The name of the camera man or Videographer or cinematographer. Also, this can be used to label which camera is being used for that shot.
  • Date – This for labeling the date shot was done on.

Second is the Shot Information

  • Roll – This is to identify the film roll or video tape that you are using. However, with today’s filmmakers and Videographers shooting with digital media, Roll is now being used to identify the digital media card that is being used during the shot.
  • Scene – This is used to identify the scene you are shooting.
  • Take– This identifies the current take. For example, Scene 1 Take 1 would mean you are shooting the first scene for the first time. If you have to redo the shot, then it would become Scene 1 Take 2. The take will increment by one each time you have to re-shoot the scene.

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